Olympus Minerals Co.
The premier luxury importer of nature based home decor.

Our Story

Olympus Minerals is the premium luxury wholesaler importer of rocks, minerals and collectibles. Our business was started by Bartky, more than 80 years ago, Today we pride ourselves in preserving the quality and service she so lovingly gave our customers.

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Olympus Minerals by Bartky was founded by Cynthia Bartky 30 years ago out of a passion for the natural beauty of crystals and semi precious gems. Cynthia first sold decorative items at street fairs in New York City.

Over the next several years, Cynthia expanded our presence at fairs throughout the country and built lasting relationships with local designers and retailers who shared her passion for mineral and nature based products. Their need for reliable sourcing of high quality products from a trusted partner convinced us to focus on serving businesses as an importer and wholesaler exclusively for the past two decades.

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Our vision for the future is to build upon the deep relationships we have forged as the preferred supplier of natural decor for premium, luxury and private collector markets. Working in close partnership with our business customers, we are expanding our product portfolio to capture customer demand. Most importantly, we will continue to bring inspiration and beauty into the home through Earth's natural treasures.

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Trust is so important in this business. Olympus never shares customer information with any 3rd party not involved in our fulfilment and preapproved by the customer such as banks and delivery services. We assiduously protect our customers’ trade secrets (e.g., product selection, pricing, etc). We treat both our buyers and suppliers like an extended part of our family, whether you are a local artisan, a boutique designer or a buyer for a global retailer.

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A buyer’s worst nightmare is to plan their storefront or design project and have their supply fall through at the last minute. Olympus has never missed a delivery commitment, from commercial orders placed by the largest global home furnishings retailers to the most precious of unique items placed by our luxury designers for their private collectors. We fulfill orders on a worldwide basis and can store product locally. 

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Our passion is to deliver natural art that inspires and contributes to a higher quality of life. We work with exceptional artisans, and are able to collaborate with you to craft a one of a kind piece for your project or product line. We can offer light manufacturing, assembly and kitting services to support your needs.

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It is our corporate mission to source the finest mineral- and nature-based décor items the world has to offer. We have forged long-lasting relationships with local miners and craftsmen across six continents to cater to the unique needs of our clients. We hand select our items at the source and then reinspect inbound shipments to ensure the highest of quality.