trivets-Rose Quartz-Quartz
Quartz-Gold Trim-Black
trivets-Rose-Black Quartz
Quartz-Gold Trim-Black Quartz
Black Quartz-Amethyst-Agate
Quartz-Gold Trim-Agate
trivets-Rose Quartz-Agate

Gnarled Thin Trivets with Gold Trim

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Whether you want elegant décor for your kitchen counter or a chic way to serve your guests, a gnarled agate, amethyst or quartz plate is the perfect choice. Impress guests with its unique and naturally colorful patterns.
-8-inch diameter offers plenty of space.
-Available in multiple colors, including white, blue-grey, and light blue.
-Hand wash to clean

Dimensions (Approximately): 7" L, 0.5"H