All About Agate - Part Two

Agate Coaster

How To Use Agate In Your Home And As An Accessory

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You can easily bring all of the benefits of agate into your space with home décor items that incorporate this calming yet protective gemstone. Easily raise the vibrations as soon as you walk into a room with agate décor accents and accessories. 

Agate is one of the most versatile and unique gemstones for home décor. From agate tumbled stone to agate stone slices, no two specially-crafted pieces look alike. Bring a remarkable example of Mother Nature’s beauty into your home with these agate décor selections. 

1. Dining

Decorative agate dining accessories set a sophisticated scene. Whether you’re entertaining for a group or just yourself, use agate dining and serving accessories to create a calm and welcoming experience. 

Easily incorporate gemstone dining décor with agate crystal coasters or an agate trivet.

Agate Trivet and Chargers


Display your baking creations on an exquisite agate serving tray or decorative crystal platter.

Agate and Marble Serving Tray Wholesale

Mix and match agate crystal geode wine stoppers and other gemstone bar accessories at your home bar.

Gemstone Wine Stoppers Wholesale


2.Tabletop and Décor

Make a statement with elegant agate décor and tabletop statement pieces. These agate décor items will immediately boost the energy in your space while adding a touch of nature’s beauty.  

Exhibit the natural and unique designs of this swirling gemstone with a glimmering agate display stand. 

Agate Décor Wholesale

Place agate bookends on bookshelves to keep items organized while bringing agate’s effortless beauty into any room. 

Agate Bookends Luxury Wholesale

Witness this gemstone truly shine when you light a candle in an agate crystal tea light holder

Agate Candleholders Wholesale

3. Jewelry

Wearing agate jewelry is another way to take advantage of this stone’s spiritual benefits, all while showing off a small piece of natural art. Pair agate necklaces or pendants with rings and earrings to complete your natural gemstone look.

These glittering agate stone slices compliment any outfit while promoting a calm, strengthening energy.

Agate Necklace Wholesale

Agate geode bracelets feature druse crystalline slices that add a touch of glam to your day. 

Agate Jewelry Wholesale

Keep all your agate jewelry pieces safe in an elegant box with horizontal sliced agate décor. 

Gemstone Jewelry Box Wholesale

Featuring complex designs and a range of colors, agate remains one of the most sought after gemstones for home décor. Put this semi-precious stone on display to invite peaceful energy into your home and experience the many other benefits of agate. 


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