Collection: Jewelry

The addition of stone jewelry can help take your outfits to new heights. Show off a natural and charming style with necklaces, rings, and other shimmering accessories. When you need to store your belongings at the end of the day, a steel or wooden jewelry box with a decorative lid will keep your jewelry safe.
30 products
  • Tapered Point Pendants
  • Swirl Double Terminated Pendants
  • Tree of Life Necklace Silver
  • Amethyst Horizontal Slice Necklace
  • Raw Gemstone Points Earrings with Silver
  • Agate Slice Pendant Silver
  • Druse Crystal Pendant on Silver Chain
  • Point Pendants
  • Agate Sculpture Pendants
  • Swirl Top Double Terminated Pendant
  • Agate Geode Chain Necklace
  • Agate Geode Bracelet with Gold or Silver Trim
  • Druse Crystal Pendant on Leather Necklace
  • Silver Circlet with Small Raw Crystal on Silver Chain
  • Gemstone on Silver Ring
  • Amethyst Druze Pendant