Collection: Spiritual Wellness

Natural stones do more than enhance your outfits and home. They can provide a sense of spiritual wellness when you need it most. Our collection of massage and meditation tools and tumble stones help you face the day ahead with grace and poise. Keep your thoughts just as beautiful as your living space.
18 products
  • Chakra Stone Box Set
  • Yin Yang Candle Holder
  • 10cm Oval Selenite Bowl
  • 10cm Gold Etched Tree Charging Plate
  • 14cm Flower of Life Charging Plate
  • 12cm Selenite Bowl w/Foot
  • Yin Yang Incense Holder
  • 20cm Selenite Round Bowl
  • 10cm Peach Selenite Bowl
  • Selenite Merkaba
  • Quartz Geode From Morocco
  • Gemstone Cylinder
  • Agate Cluster Heart
  • Gift Amethyst Heart
  • Quartz Cluster Heart
  • Citrine Cluster Heart
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