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  • Gemstone Meditation Home Décor

    Olympus Minerals presents their collection of Gemstone Meditation Home Décor.  For thousands of years, these gemstones have been valued for their healing properties.  From the Ancient Greeks to the Ancient Egyptians, gemstones like agate and amethyst have been used in ceremonies and day-to-day life to ease the mind of troubles and heal the soul from stress and toxicity. 
  • Thanksgiving: Wine stoppers, and bottle openers

    For many, Thanksgiving is a time of celebration and comfort. Whether you’re spending time with family or friends during this holiday season, put your entertaining skills on display.
  • Celebrate Fall With Earth's Natural Treasures 

    Take time to celebrate the fall season with decorative pieces both for your home and self. From home decoration tips to gemstone jewelry suggestions and fall meditations, this is Olympus Minerals' guide to celebrating the colorful season of fall. 

  • New Jewelry and Home Accent Wellness Line!

    Fine jewelry and home accents, with gemstones, are timeless.  Classic jewelry is a staple in every woman’s jewelry box, and signature pieces are a ...
  • Entertaining with Olympus Minerals

    Gearing up for a memorable Labor Day party with friends and family? We’re sharing our best tips on entertaining and how to create a beautiful dining atmosphere for every type of occasion this summer!

    Whether you’re hosting a relaxed picnic in the backyard or an elevated dinner party with friends and family, we’re sharing our favorite items that can make any gathering a special one!

  • Beginner's Guide to Buying Mineral Based Home Decor

    Buying mineral-based home decor and natural art is in many ways similar to being a treasure hunter. How do you know what is valuable and what is common?