Home Trend Guide: Earth Tones

rose quartz wooden box, sodalite and rose quartz block votive candle holders

It can be difficult to stay up-to-date on what the consumer wants or needs. One convenient way to anticipate this is to familiarize yourself with popular home decor trends. Wondering what the most popular home decor trend is? Keep reading.

According to the experts at Homes & Gardens, earth tones are gaining more and more popularity. This may be due to changes made to work-from-home protocols during the Covid-19 quarantines. As more people started spending the majority of their time indoors, it's no wonder they’re gravitating to colors found in nature.

Luckily, we have a wide range of products in natural greys, browns, and greens that are sure to complement this trend and please your customers. Discover more about the Earth Tone trend below. Plus, learn more about our top home decor selections that your customers will love!

Offering Simplicity At Its Best

Studies show that many people are still working from home. One Stanford survey showed 42% of the labor force is working from home and represents two-thirds of US economic activity. Another survey showed 27% do not want to go back to the office at all.

42%  Are Working From Home
27%  Want Work From Home Full-time

Creating a multi-purpose living space for the average work-from-home consumer is a must. The best way for homeowners to transform their space into the ultimate living- and work-space combo is by utilizing simple yet versatile home decor. Plus, bringing a touch of nature indoors will provide added cheeriness to an otherwise stuffy room. 

Our votive candle holders are the perfect affordable piece for someone trying to add more earthy elements to their surroundings. From a mossy green to a soothing blue to the evergreen crystal quartz, our candle holders can complement any style, any room, and definitely any trend.

sodalite and rose quartz block votive candle holders

Playing Up the Trends

There’s something about a pristinely organized bookshelf that catches our eye. The “credibility” bookshelf even took off as a 2020 trend for those work-related Zoom calls. With elevated bookshelves still on the rise, help customers maximize their trendy efforts by combining earthy elements, as well. Mixing and matching natural decor items like crystals, plants, and bookends is a great way to keep items organized while playing into this organic theme.

bookshelf with agate bookends and gemstone chunks on display to show the credibility bookshelf


Bookends are one of our favorite home décor items because of their utility and effortless ability to enhance an otherwise generic bookshelf. They’re the perfect solution for book lovers and gemstone enthusiasts, too. Crystal bookends also play up both trends when used as an accent piece in a modern space. Between glittering geode formations and elegant raw gemstone specimens, there’s plenty of options to match existing home decor style.

Help Them Elevate Their Space

We find that coasters are an easy way to add a touch of Earth Tone aesthetic. After all, there’s no better way for homeowners to elevate their space with earthy vibes than with an actual slice of glittering stone. With natural gemstone coasters, adding an element of Earth tones to any room becomes simple and classy. 

Rich in greys, browns, greens, oranges, and outlined in gold or silver, our coasters are an ode to Earth's beauty. They sit delicately on any table and are a slice of luxury unique to each owner. These elegant specimens are perfect for everyday use or to elevate special occasions. 

Agate and rose quartz coasters in silver and gold electroplating wholesale

Olympus Minerals provides many more simple yet elegant offerings for the Earth Tones decor trend. Our natural home decor is sure to brighten any space with beautiful specimens from Mother Nature. From gemstone bookends and coasters to decorative wall decor and more - consumers can effortlessly add this popular trend into their own homes.

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