Nature's Materials


Agate is one of the oldest healing stones on Earth and is used as a protective stone. It is a banded form of finely-grained, microcrystalline Quartz and Silica. Higher quality Agates possess stunning color patterns and banding, often with a crystal core, and are naturally brilliant and translucent. Agates have many different distinctive styles and patterns, and each Agate is one-of-a-kind and unique.


Amethyst is the jewel of Royalty, valued for its purple and pink hues, and crystal perfection. When heated, Amethyst transmutes into Citrine with brilliant yellow, gold and orange colors. The two crystals together are valued as symbols & spiritual conduits of social and personal power, empathy, creativity, and intelligent decisiveness.


Quartz is the second most common mineral on Earth, found in a range of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks, in a variety of shapes and colors. Quartz crystals form into hexagonal prisms that end in a point. Treasured for how it interacts with light, Quartz has been used throughout history as a spiritual and healing stone. Higher quality Pure (Rock Crystal), Rose and Smoky Quartz are preferred in jewelry and home decor.

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