Gemstone Meditation Home Décor

Bring meditative gemstones into your home to promote spiritual wellness and peace.

Olympus Minerals presents their collection of Gemstone Meditation Home Décor.  For thousands of years, these gemstones have been valued for their healing properties.  From the Ancient Greeks to the Ancient Egyptians, gemstones like agate and amethyst have been used in ceremonies and day-to-day life to ease the mind of troubles and heal the soul from stress and toxicity. 

In addition to the gorgeous hues being perfect for adding a pop of color as an accent piece in your home décor, the colors themselves also have healing properties.  The psychological impact of colors has been well documented and is employed in everything from marketing to interior design.  Blue is a pure color and promotes peace and serenity; calming stressed nerves and alleviating pain from physical stress.  Brown gemstones energize the spirit and promote overall health. 

Not only are these pieces gorgeous works of art from Mother Nature, they have a positive effect on your mind, body and soul.



Agate is one of the oldest stones used for its healing properties.  The benefits of agate go all the way back to the Neolithic Era, or the “New Stone Age”. It is said these stones were used for healing, all the way through Ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian civilizations.  The power behind agate is all about balance and harmony. 

Agate Pyramid from Olympus Minerals makes a perfect piece for your home office.  The sleek pyramid allows you to channel the harmonizing energy.  Perfect as a paper weight, or for decoration, the Agate Pyramid will stabilize your environment when stress levels are high.  Available in blue or brown, the colors themselves also promote spiritual well-being.

Brown agate has a deep connection with Mother Earth and promotes peace and security by grounding you to the earth.  Olympus Minerals Brown Agate Pyramid will keep you on task by warding off procrastination.  Blue agate is a rarer, yet important stone that promotes soothing and encouraging energies. It resonates with the throat chakra and is associated with tranquility and calmness. 



Quartz promotes clarity and focus in personal awareness and growth.  Olympus Minerals has a variety of pieces to place around your home for their spiritual rejuvenation.  Also known as “Clear Quartz”, this stone is highly regarded for its ability to clear the mind of negative energy. Quartz is known as the master of healing stones and amplifies the spiritual well-being of other gemstones.

Place several Quartz Cubes around your home to benefit from their healing energies. 

Similarly, place several Dyed Quartz Points around your living space.  The shape directs healing energies and can be used to enhance your crystal grid, or used solo as a gorgeous accent piece.   Available in blue, teal, purple and pink. 

Quartz Rods are perfect for enhancing meditative mind-sets, promoting calm energy.   With their sleek design, they can be placed in any room, perfect for placement near a window to reflect the light.


Rose Quartz

Rose quartz dates back to 700 BC in Mesopotamia.  Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used rose quartz for powerful talisman with healing properties.  These stones were used for medicinal purposes in the Middle Ages.  The overall belief in rose quartz healing properties are in relation to the heart.  Grief and heartache were cured with the pink stones.

Use the Rose Quartz Cubes  and Rose Quartz Rods for their romantic energy in your personal space. 



Amethyst, a type of quartz, enhances other stones, and alone will promote intuition and positivity.  By promoting clarity and intuition, these pieces are prefect for uplifting the spirit, brining happiness to those in its presence.  The amethyst stone is also used to bring clarity and soothing dreams to those who utilize them in their sleeping spaces.  For those who decorate their living rooms or offices, the clarity will translate to their waking state. 

Amethyst Rods will bring out a tranquil and confident ambiance, and you can place several of these around your bedroom and living room to translate that energy to both your sleeping and conscious states.  Place these in your work environment to keep yourself confident in your professional space.



Selenite is a crystalized gypsum used for good luck and protection.  Long believed to rid living and working spaces of negativity – like anxiety and self-doubt – the stone received its name from the Greek Goddess of the Moon Selene.  Selenite stones from Olympus Minerals promote purity by connecting to the third eye and crown chakras.

Selenite Desert Rose has a gorgeous, unique floral pattern and the neutral color works perfectly in any room.   Available in 3 sizes, the smallest is perfect for fitting in any space such as a nightstand or office desk corner.  The large Selenite Desert Rose provides a more striking décor accent and works great on mantles and bookshelves.  The medium selenite can go wherever your heart desires.

Selenite Rods from Olympus Minerals offer a sleek design for your home.  The solid stones are considered one of the most powerful for clearing and unblocking stagnant energy.  Use these rods in the corners of your living space or in a grid around your home to create a safe, tranquil space. 


Each gemstone piece in our collection is one of a kind.  We utilize nature’s materials for gorgeous results.  We specialize in agate, amethyst and quartz, but we also have collections in other materials.  It is the mission of Olympus Minerals to source the finest quality gemstone pieces.  We have forged close relationships with our local miners and craftsmen across six continents, and hand select each item. 

Olympus Minerals has a wide collection of gemstones and meditation home décor.  We will supply your store with gorgeous accent pieces and home décor, each one unique from the previous one.  Each piece has both physical and psychological healing properties. Your customers will fall in love with these unique pieces.  Sample our products today and receive a “90 Day Trial” return voucher when purchasing a new line!

Contact us today for pricing.

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