Celebrate Fall With Earth's Natural Treasures 

Although people around the world celebrate it in different ways, the season of fall is an especially important time of year. In many cultures, it's a time for connecting with one's family and self. It's a time of the harvest, a time of blessings, and a time of reflection on the past. As the nights get longer and the chill enters the air, find time for balance and peace in your life with gemstone pieces and wholesale gemstone decor reflective of fall.

 Take time to celebrate the fall season with decorative pieces both for your home and self. From home decoration tips to gemstone jewelry suggestions and fall meditations, this is Olympus Minerals' guide to celebrating the colorful season of fall. 


Invite Autumn into Your Space with Natural Home Accents


The intrigue and elegance of gemstones is what makes them perfect for interior decoration. Whether you use them for their metaphysical properties or simply to enhance a dull space, these versatile minerals are the perfect addition to any home. Decorate your living space for fall with these simple interior design tips using gemstones.


Decorating Your Mantel

The fireplace was a central hub for families of the past, and it still serves as a focal point in many homes today. Honor the great tradition of the hearth with decorations that celebrate the season of giving. 



  • Include other pieces, such as wooden candleholders, picture frames, or decorative bowls, to create a polished look. 


  • Collect color-changing leaves, acorns, or other small tokens of nature to further decorate your mantel and prepare for fall.


  • Center it all with a gemstone tree with a natural stone base and raw citrine “leaves” that emulate the changing of the seasons.


Celebrating Fall Holidays

As the weather gets cooler, we are reminded of things that mean the most to us: family, warmth, and good health. Fall also brings a few holidays that are perfect for celebrating these meaningful ideals. 


Whether you're celebrating Thanksgiving or other fall festivals, fill your home with dazzling colors of the changing season. Decorate your space with brilliant hues of red, orange, and yellow. 


  • Chrysanthemums, croton, and ornamental peppers are the perfect plants to thrive indoors and create a homey environment. 


  • Rest your plants on an agate accent table with a gold base. The table will look great in an entry way or living room. 



Implementing Gemstone Décor

Create a peaceful atmosphere no matter the season with these simple natural gemstone decor ideas.


  • A practical, yet decorative item, mineral and custom soapstone coasters bring simple elegance to any home. Change out various minerals to match colors to any season.


  • Keep shelves tidy with ornamental agate bookends. Since agate is so versatile, you'll have plenty of types and colors to choose from.


  • Customize tabletop decor with gemstone pyramids in warm hues or mesmerizing geodes. These simple yet elegant items will set the tone for a happy home that's ready to entertain.


Take Fall with You Wherever You Go

Fall themes don't have to end when you leave your home. Represent the spirit of the season with striking jewelry that is sure to be a conversation starter. You'll feel connected to the earth as you don these natural accessories.


Everyday Jewelry for Fall


This is the perfect time of the year to embrace activities such as apple picking, bonfires, and hay rides. Integrate fall gems into your wardrobe to stay prepared for any activity.


  •  Citrine rings will keep you energized even as the days begin to shorten.


  • Invite a sense of calm into your life with smoky quartz, a useful stone for dispersing negativity. 


  • Adorning your fingers with hematite rings will aid in memory retention and keep you in a reflective autumn mindset. 


Keep track of all your lovely gemstones with a treasure chest box.  Use it to safely tuck away jewelry when you're not wearing it. 


Daily Meditations for Fall


Fall is the perfect time to look inward and meditate on all of the year's challenges, changes, and victories. As the days grow shorter into winter, let nature guide you in letting go of the past to make way for the future. Practice mindfulness during your morning ritual, and use carnelian tumbled stones during meditation to amplify creativity and motivation throughout the day. 


Whether it's in your home or something you wear, take the mindfulness of fall with you. Use elegant household items to fill your space with peace. Choose beautiful gemstone pieces to adorn cozy fall attire. Emulate the brilliant colors of fall in every aspect of your life. 

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