New Jewelry and Home Accent Wellness Line!

Fine jewelry and home accents, with gemstones, are timeless.  Classic jewelry is a staple in every woman’s jewelry box, and signature pieces are a foundation of the modern home.  Olympus Minerals is excited to introduce our new line of gemstone jewelry and home accent collection. 

Our semi-precious jewelry is the perfect complement to each individual woman.  As unique as she is, no two stones are alike. Each jewelry piece is accented in gold or silver, to highlight the natural, vivid colors found in the gemstones.  Our home accessories are crafted with marble and wood as an exquisite compliment to the natural beauty of the semi-precious stones.

Olympus Minerals is a gemstone jewelry and home décor supplier.  Our exotic, semi-precious stones provide elegance that does more than enhance a woman’s outfit and home.  Olympus Minerals wholesale will provide your store with the jewelry and gemstones sought by women all over the world.  Additionally, Olympus Minerals has robust jewelry boxes for storing these unique jewels, plus gorgeous wellness pieces to accent any room décor. 

Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry


When less is more, delicate earrings are a go-to accessory as they highlight a woman’s face and draw attention to her mind.  

Our Raw Gemstone Points Earrings, with silver settings, are the perfect accent pieces to polish off any look. The Quartz Earrings reflect the light and create a beautiful aura.  Quartz is the most prized gemstone, known for its healing qualities.  Since ancient Egypt, quartz has been used to clear the mind of negative energy.  




Amethyst symbolize personal and societal power.  These raw banded amethyst earrings come in a regal purple color that make her feel like the queen that she is.  As unique as she is, no set of rough amethyst gemstone earrings are identical. Also known as the “all healer”, amethyst gemstones are the most effective for protection and healing.




Rings are another favorite accent piece and chunky rings are the hottest ring trend for 2019 and 2020 (as noted in the Zoe Report).  If you’re a trendsetter, you’ll opt for stacking chunky rings. 

Our Gemstones on Silver Rings are stylish, and add the perfect amount of color.  Rose amethyst has become extremely popular over the last decades because of it’s fascinating color. Rose amethyst has a gentle, love energy attributed to the delicate coloring. These gemstones from Brazil have an exotic aura, and each gemstone is striking for its individuality.  Also available in citrine and amethyst.

For a more stone focused setting, our Emerald Rings are the perfect chunky ring.  We use raw emeralds in our Emerald Rings to preserve the gorgeous colors found in this gemstone.  The thin, yet sturdy, bands holding the Emerald in place match the gorgeous green of the raw gemstone. Available in both gold and silver. 


Gemstone Rings

Olympus Minerals Gemstone Rings are incredibly trendy, tapping into the nostalgia of chunky rings from women’s youth. These grown-up versions of the ring come in the always popular raw amethyst chunk.  Olympus Minerals Wholesaler also has gorgeous agate premium quality chunk rings.  

Agate is one of the oldest healing stones found on earth. Agate stones are very distinct from one another, and each stone is unique.  Our statement rings have a druzy - a glittering effect of tiny crystals a colorful agate.


When your clients are wearing a little black dress and just want one piece to be the focus of her look, we have elegant statement pieces to pull her outfit together.

Available in gorgeous muted rose, rust, green and onyx, the
Tree of Life pendant is both beautiful and promotes wellness.  Agate is a hard stone that holds its polish under extreme conditions.  It is a protective stone and known as the “stabilizer”, bringing harmony and balance to whomever wears it. 



Amethyst is well known for its regal purple colors and the intensity of those colors denotes its value.  The Amethyst Horizontal Slice Necklace shows off the vivid hue of the stone and the earthy swirls of its outer geode.  Available in smaller and wider cuts, each piece is set on a gold or silver chain that compliments the natural color of the gems.


Wellness with Healing Stones And Dignified Home Décor

Jewelry Boxes

Agate, as one of earth’s oldest healing stones, cleanses the aura and creates a sense of safety and protection. Agate is perfect for keeping women’s jewelry and prized possessions secure. 

Marble Box With Agate Engraving will keep her meaningful pieces spiritually safe and physically protected. The strong, luxurious marble will ensure that her most delicate, gemstones are kept safe.  Available in small and medium.  

The Square Wooden Jewelry Box comes in deep earthy browns, with an agate lid.  




Olympus Minerals combines the natural wood jewelry boxes with strong marble in our collection of wood jewelry boxes with marble lids. Our Round Wooden Box With Marble Lid.  Perfect for holding her trinkets or most unique, prized pieces.


Massage and Mediation Pieces  

Our agate décor allows the owner to clear the mind of negativity and keep your thoughts as beautiful as your living space.

The sophisticated Agate Pyramid and  Amethyst Cubes are perfect desktop accessories for anyone who is feeling stressed out at work, or who just wants to promote good energy.  The meditation décor cubes are also available in quartz and rose quartz.


Additional shapes include powerful rods.

Also perfect for home office are the Dyed Quartz Points.  Available in blue, purple, pink and teal, these stones are both perfect for clearing the mind of negativity, and are gorgeous to look at.  

Olympus Minerals natural gemstones provides a sense of spiritual and mental wellness in a modern world.  Your clientele will love the natural elements and a sense of serenity each individual pieces provides.  

Whether you are selling home décor or fashionable, fine jewelry pieces, Olympus Minerals has you covered.  We supply wholesale gemstone home accents and wholesale gemstone jewelry, all with gemstone wellness properties.  Your customers will fall in love with these unique pieces. Sample our products today and receive “90 Day Trial” return voucher when purchasing a new line!

Contact us today for pricing.

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