All About Quartz

Quartz: So Much More Than a Pretty Stone

Quartz is one of the most well-known and attainable gemstones. Many gemstones that we know and love are, in fact, derived from quartz. This crystalline gem has attracted attention across the decades, and was even known in its earliest form as “krystallos” by the ancient Greeks.

But what makes quartz and its many varieties so special - and how can they be used in your home? Keep reading to learn more about the history of quartz, how best to utilize types of quartz, and where to find quartz home decor.

Quartz Overview

Since it is one of the most abundant minerals found within the Earth’s crust, quartz is easily sourced for a variety of uses. It commonly occurs in other rock or mineral formations, such as silica, granite, and sandstone. It can even be found as striations in other gemstone varieties like jasper or agate. Quartz ranks high on the Mohs Hardness Scale, meaning that it is more resistant to weathering and damage.

Economic impact

Quartz has become extremely useful to many industries. Without it, we wouldn’t have many of the technological or industrial advances that we have today.

 Crushed quartz is used for sandblasting, sandpaper, whetstones, grindstones, and millstones. Quartz sand is used in manufacturing ceramics, glass, and metal, as well as to transmit ultraviolet light. Large structures are even built using quartz sandstone, which is known for its durability.

 There are also many varieties of quartz that are used for jewelry, home decor, and wellness practices. Keep reading to learn more about the distinctions between these quartz types.

Types of Quartz

Clear/White Quartz

Clear quartz crystals are one of the most common “household” gemstones. This doesn’t mean they aren’t unique, though! You may see these clear to softly white clouded gemstones in varying sizes and shapes. They can be cut into terminated jewelry or sliced into home decor items. Some clear quartz crystals feature horizontal striations, hexagonal prisms, or pointed aggregates. Clear or white quartz can also be found hidden in the lining of geodes, radiating through water-worn pebbles, or sparkling through a pyramid matrix. 


Rose Quartz

The pink variety of quartz, rose quartz is one of the most romantic-looking gemstones. Ranging from a soft rosy pink to a deeper, more daring variety, rose quartz matches any romantic mood. Unlike clear crystal quartz, rose quartz is often hazy and opaque. However, this doesn’t seem to detract from the popularity of this gentle gemstone. Rose quartz is often tumbled into spheres, cut into hearts, or polished into trinkets or jewelry. The most coveted rose quartz specimens are ones with asterism, or the six-ray star.


Smoky Quartz

The brown to black variety of quartz is known as “smoky” quartz. The otherworldly colors can range from a light, misty gray to a captivating black. Smoky quartz specimens are often translucent, no matter their coloring or markings, which makes this variety a popular choice for jewelry, cabochons, and palm stones. Many collectors look to smoky quartz for large specimens, as well. This gemstone is known for its clarity, and can reach several hundred carats without flaws.



The ever popular amethyst is actually a type of quartz, as well! This purple quartz variety is one of the most popular and prized of the quartz family. It has long been regarded throughout history as a precious gemstone and is still used in many spiritual wellness practices today. Amethyst features a collection of small, pointed crystals that are often found nestled in the lining of geodes. These geodes range in sizes, though some of the more impressive ones found measure over ten feet tall. Mineral collectors value rare specimens of amethyst like prismatic crystals, towering geodes, and banded quartz amethyst.

The spiritual aspects of quartz

There’s a reason why quartz is one of the most well-known gemstones. Quartz and its varieties have been used in spiritual and wellness practices throughout the ages. If you are looking to use gemstones in your spiritual practice, start with clear crystal quartz. 

Clear quartz is one of the best gemstones to add to your gemstone collection. It is a powerful cleansing gemstone with strong vibrational energy. This crystal is easy to work with and can be used in tandem with other gemstones to bolster their metaphysical properties. Clear crystal quartz will help purify your space with its universally cleansing energy.

How to use quartz in your home

It’s easy to bring all the benefits of quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz, or amethyst into your space. Just look for home decor or jewelry items that incorporate these quartz gemstones so you can enjoy their healing energy every day. Since quartz comes in a range of colors and styles, the possibilities are endless. 

From candle holders to coasters, bring a remarkable example of Mother Nature’s beauty into your home with these quartz decor and jewelry selections.




Glittering quartz dining accessories set a sophisticated scene. Whether you’re entertaining for a group or just yourself, use quartz dining and serving accessories to create a serene and welcoming environment. 

Easily entertain guests with gemstone dining decor like quartz crystal coasters or quartz cake servingware. 

End the night in style with rose quartz or amethyst wine stoppers that keep wine fresh for the next special occasion.


Tabletop and Decor

Make a statement with elegant quartz decor and tabletop statement pieces. These quartz decor items will immediately cleanse the energy in your space while adding a touch of nature’s beauty. 

Keep items secure in a durable wooden box with a rose quartz gemstone on top.  

Place white quartz bookends on bookshelves to keep items organized while displaying a gorgeous gemstone specimen. 

Bring a gentle vibe to your space when you light a candle in a quartz taper points candle holder.



Wearing quartz jewelry is another way to take advantage of the spiritual and wellness benefits of this crystal, all while showing off a small piece of natural art. Pair a quartz pendant necklace with matching earrings to complete your natural gemstone look. 

Raw gemstone necklaces are one way you can make a statement. Small, raw crystal specimens like amethyst and citrine on a silver chain compliment any outfit while protecting your energy and aura.

Experience the full effects of the self-care gemstone, rose quartz, with a tumbled gemstone bracelet.

Match other jewelry with raw quartz points earrings for a boost of energy all day long.

Whether you’re seeking the comfort of rose quartz, the protection of smoky quartz, the energy of white quartz, or the allure of amethyst, there are so many options for quartz designs to choose from. Experience the many benefits of quartz in your home by visiting the Olympus Minerals website.


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