Gem Stone-Flame-Crystal
Crystal-Living Room-Bedroom
Silver Trim-Quartz-Natural Trim
Natural Trim-Gold Trim-Candle Holder
Crystal-Living Room-Natural Trim
Gem Stone-Flame-Candle Holder
Living Room-Quartz-Natural Trim-Candle Holder
Crystal-Quartz-Natural Trim-Gold Trim-Candle Holder

Quartz Cluster Candle Holder

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Create a peaceful space in your bedroom or living room with this crystal quartz candleholder. The candle's flame will look stunning when surrounded by this healing gemstone.
-Iconic stone brings a sense of clarity.
-Choose natural, gold or silver trim to surround the quartz.
-Wide for easy placement around your home.

Dimension(Approximately): 4.5" x 4.5" , 3" H