Votive Block Candle Holder Sodalite wholesale
Rose Quartz-Quartz-Green Quartz-Candle Holder
Quartz Candle Holder
Votive Block-Quartz-Green Quartz-Candle Holder
Votive Block-Sodalite-Rose Quartz-Green Quartz

Votive Block Candle Holder

Quantity must be 1 or more

Mineral’s chunks naturally formed over millions of years and crafted by local artisans into beautiful candle holders.

    3-inch rectangular block with 2.5-inch height for 1.25-inch diameter candle provides a bold but proportional accent to side tables and countertops. Comes with scratch-resistant felt on bottom to protect surfaces, everything else made by Mother Earth

    Dimension per piece (approximately): 3.0”W x 3.0”L x 1.5” H   

    Weight (approximately): 3.5 pounds

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